Benefits of Call Tracking



While call tracking tools seem like a single solution product, these services include a lot of vital features. The impact and benefits will be felt across a number of departments.


In-Depth ROI Insight

With continuous records of calls and which marketing campaign the calls originate from, your business gets insight on all current campaigns. This affords a closer ROI of these different campaigns as they let you know which campaigns are returning the most leads.


If your online ads are getting zero calls and you are spending $1000 a month, sales call tracking lets know when to switch things up.



Manage Several Marketing Campaigns
With an in-depth view of the effectiveness of the multiple marketing channels and campaigns, management is easier. You can keep track of both online and offline campaigns.

The insight provided by call center software will help drive educated decisions on how to improve.

Track Performance-Based Advertising
SEO services and tools like Google AdWords work differently than traditional marketing campaigns. With these tools, ad purchasers only pay when there are measurable results from the campaign.

Call Tracking Software allows your business to gain a much closer eye on how these services are performing. You can use them to hone in on specific keywords and search phrases.

Utilize this information to direct callers to the right agent or department right away, depending on the origin of their call.

Manage Multiple Phone Accounts
Call tracking generally provides your business with its own unique phone numbers. You’ll typically have one number for each campaign. With these solutions, your business can easily manage multiple phone numbers and accounts all from one single dashboard.

When you keep a close eye on important metrics, you can track profit and maximize your efforts easily.